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Triple School Tour to Skibbereen

Yesterday we went on a school tour. First we went to St Patricks Boys School to see their garden. It was amazing. They had a herb patch and a sensory path, I really liked it. They also had a Geo Dome. They grew lots of plants. They were also doing experiments. Next we went to the Theater to watch 'Princesses can be Pirates'. It was very funny. Then we walked to the playground, we had break time there and we played there. Then the bus cane. The bus took us to Glenilen Farm. We tasted cheesecake and yoghurt. We made our own too! We saw pigs and there was a dog too, his name was Shep We went into the milking parlour, it was stinky. We got to feel what it was like for a cow to be milked. Then we went back to get our yoghurt and we went in the bus back to school and everyone got collected by their parents.

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