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Willow Weaving Workshop

Rosemary Kavanagh is a Heritage Specialist who came to our school on Tuesday 23rd November for three days. The first day she came, we planned out the shape of a willow tunnel to attach to our willow dome. We sorted the willow into thick and thin pieces. We used secateurs to point the ends of the willow and we made holes in the ground to plant them in with a metal tool. We put the end of the willow in the ground. We then crossed the willow and tied them in place with twine.

On Wednesday, she informed us of the interesting things you can make with willow. Willow comes in many different types and colours; it is used for basketry, statues and sculptures. The most ancient basket in Ireland is made of willow and it is called a creel. The creel has been made in Ireland for one thousand years! We each wove little fish and finished off our tunnel. Inside of the tunnel we put mypex to stop the weeds from growing. We also trimmed the top of our old willow dome with sharp tools called secateurs, saws and scissors.

On Thursday, the junior classroom wove little fish and we finished the roof on the tunnel. We ended the day by building a willow shelter with a cover for a bench in our school yard. It was so much fun and we are looking forward to seeing the leaves growing on it next summer.

By Leonie and Vivienne

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