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A little about our school...

We currently have 25 pupils attending our school. They range in age from four to thirteen years of age. Junior Infants to Second Class are taught together in the junior classroom. Third Class to Sixth Class are taught together in the senior classroom. We have a school bus that brings pupils from Kilmeen, Castletown Kinneigh and Enniskeane. We offer many activities in our school, the following are just to name a few...
Swimming, dancing, chess, gardening, hockey, debating, soccer, dancing, rapping, choral singing and cycling.

Occasionally we have external teachers to share their expertise with us. We usually go on a school tour once a term. Each year we participate in Cork City Sports and we attend sports competitions that cater for small schools such as the five aside soccer tournament and the seven aside hockey tournament.

We all live in the countryside so looking after our environment is especially important to us. Each year we help our local tidy towns committee by carrying out a spring clean of the roads outside our school and the park beside the river. We help to reduce our rubbish by recycling paper, cardboard, plastic and glass. We also have a wormery to put our food waste into. We put the compost from our wormey onto our vegetable patches.
We have won nine Discover Primary Science and Maths Awards of Excellence. As part of the awards, we held a science exhibition for our families, kept a log of all our science experiments and went on science school tours. It was a lot of work but we were very proud of our logbooks. We earned our 2nd Green Flag for Water and are currently working on the 3rd Green Flag for Travel.
Every week, Rev. Ivan visits our school for assembly. It is an opportunity for the whole school to meet together. We lead the parish carol service in Kilmeen every December.  Everybody gets a part in the nativity play and we all learn the carols.
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