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Physical Education

  • In Ballymoney National School all pupils are provided with 60 minutes timetabled PE per week, as a minimum.

  • All classes are taught at least 5 different PE strands each year (This year, we are teaching Games, Gymnastics, Dance, Gymnastics, Swimming and Athletics. 

  • Our school PE programme allocates a balanced amount of teaching time to each of the different PE strands. 

  • Our school prioritises a different PE strand for further development every year, this year we are focusing on the integration of Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) within Games.

  • Our school ensures that all PE activities are planned so that they are accessible by all pupils.

  • The Senior Room pupils and the Active School Committee ensure that the PE Store is kept tidy.

  • Our PE Store has been labelled and organised so that we can easily find equipment when needed. 

10th - 14th June 2019 

10th         1km run vs teachers

11th        Swimming 

12th        Pilates and Aerobics

13th      Gymnastics/Orienteering

14th      Sports Day

Well done to Tomás Markey who won the Active School motto Poster Competition. Our school motto is  

'Get Fit, Don't Quit' 

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Physical Activity

  • Ballymoney National School provides twice daily playground breaks for all classes. 

  • Children are allowed to run during playground breaks.

  • Our school facilitates the use of sports equipment during break times.

  • Children are encouraged to 'Do your Talking as you are Walking' during break times. 

  • Every class incorporates short physical activity breaks into their daily routine e.g. 10@10 and GoNoodle. 

  • On the days when children are unable to play outdoors, each class teacher will incorporate an extended classroom-based physical activity break into the school day. 

  • In the fine weather, we regularly run or walk a marked 1km in the mornings to wake up our bodies. 

  • Our school incorporates physical activity into annual calendar events throughout the school year. 

  • Our school ensures that all ASF activities are planned so that they are accessible by all pupils.

On Monday we started to warm up for our one kilometre race against the teachers. When we added up the distance each pupil did, we ran the same distance as running to Cork. We loved it! We didn't get many photos because everyone, including the teachers were so busy running. Eli just about bet Ms Rountree. It was a very close call. We will have a re-run during the summer term. We timed our runs and will check if we improved our personal best then too. Eli, we hope you are training hard!

On Tuesday we went swimming in Dunmanway Swimming Pool. We did front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke, diving, pencil jumping, tumbles, handstands and canon balls. We had to pick up rings and sinker seals from the bottom of the pool. Here we are on the bus on the way to the swimming pool.  We had great fun!

 On Wednesday we did pilates and aerobics with music with Will and Lucy's mum. We did lots of stretches, movements and running.  Some girls from the senior room made up a dance to go with our school 'Get Active' rap. They made a dance video and the whole school learned it - it was like our very own GoNoodle! 

On Thursday, we went orienteering in Ballincollig Regional Park. Then we went to the gymnastics club for a taster session. We loved jumping on the trampoline. We did tuck jumps, jumping jacks, stretches, star jumps, cartwheels and tumbles. We played cops and robbers and flush the toilet. We then went back to Ballincollig Regional Park and played in the playground

On Friday we got some active travel in and walked from the school to the BEDA hall playground. We played soccer games on the court and we played on the swings, slides, zip-wire. Then we walked back to school.


Every morning before school, we do circuits to wake up our bodies. We find learning much easier when our bodies get to exercise first. The Active School Committee set it up every morning for the school. We always play music too. It is great fun! 

Active School Week

The following pupils have been elected for the Active School Committee:

  • Jonah Canty

  • Leonie Corish

  • Cillian Kelly Paillard

  • Anna O' Halloran 

  • Miya Sullivan

  • Katie O' Mahony

  • Tomás Markey

  • Emma Eady

Couch to 5k

Every Thursday, a parent of the school Mary Cooper does aerobic exercises and running with us at the BEDA pitch. Every week we run more and more. On the 15th June we are hoping to ran 5 kilometres. It was great fun and was wonderful to see everyone in the school community involved! 

What is the Active School Flag all about?

Ballymoney National School is working towards receiving the 'Active Schools Flag'. The Active School Flag is a non-competitive initiative which highlights the importance of physical activity and sport in schools and communities in which they are based. The programme encourages all schools to evaluate their current position regarding the provision of Physical Education (P.E.) and after-school sports. Another area that requires attention is investigating community based activities for the children and increasing parents' awareness of facilities, teams and clubs in the community. The school has selected representatives from Junior Infants- 6th Class to form an 'Active Schools Committee' with these pupils working co-operatively with school staff and parents.

The committee meet and discuss activity-based topics within the school and community. The committee will also encourage their classmates to 'Be Active' both during school and after school. It is our overall aim to provide a wide and varied approach to physical health in Ballymoney National School through the medium of P.E. We want to raise the awareness of the importance of being active, how fun it can be, how you can make friends and enjoy the benefits of a happy, healthy lifestyle. Watch this space as we endeavour to achieve Active School Flag status over the next year.

Active School Noticeboard

Keep an eye out for our Active School noticeboard and ‘Well Done Wall’ . This is a special area to recognise any sporting achievements of our students, both inside and outside school. You can also find out about upcoming events such as: Information on matches, information on any school activities, and information about community sports will also be available. So if you are thinking of taking up a new sport or activity outside of school, come and have a look here.