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Renewal Application

  • In Ballymoney National School, the pupils are working towards an ASF Renewal Status. 

  • There are a number of criteria in order to achieve this acknowledgement:

  • 1. Physical Education: Priority Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) and PE Homework

  • 2. Physical Activity: Decreasing Sedentary Time

  • 3. Partnerships: ASF Questionnaires

  • 4. Active School Week

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1. Physical Education

  • In Ballymoney National School, all pupils are provided with 60 minutes of timetabled PE per week, as a minimum. The juniors have PE on Thursdays and the seniors have PE on Mondays.

  • All pupils are taught at least 5 different PE strands each year. Our PE programme for 2021-2022 will include Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Outdoor and adventure activities, and Aquatics.

  • Both class teachers have ensured that each of the different PE strands is given a balanced amount of teaching time.

  • Every year, a different PE strand is chosen and all teachers work together to strengthen their delivery of this strand. This year's priority PE strand is Athletics. There are four strand units within this strand: running, jumping, throwing, and understanding and appreciation of athletics.

  • The PSSI lesson plans and the Move Well, Move Often resources are used by both teachers to guide their delivery of the Primary PE Curriculum.

  • In our school, all PE activities are carefully planned and differentiated so that they are accessible by all pupils.

  • Each pupil's progress and achievements in PE is discussed with the parents at PT meetings and feedback is also included in the annual school report.

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  • The Land PAWS (Primary Aquatics Water Safety) water safety programme is taught to all class levels every year. Pupils engage with the lessons and games and become certified PAWS heroes at the end.

  • Our teachers have undertaken CPD in Physical Education during the past 12 months and new ideas and resources gained from this course were shared with other members of staff.

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  • Every year, our school carries out a PE equipment audit and compiles an inventory. Old and broken equipment is disposed of and new equipment is purchased as it is needed.

  • Here is a photograph of our PE shed. All of our PE equipment and resources are kept in clearly-labelled, transparent boxes and other suitable storage facilities. The pupils have free access to the equipment during break/lunch times.

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  • Both classroom teachers use the Move Well, Move Often resource and have prioritised 4 fundamental movement skills (FMS) for further development within their PE programme this year. These skills include: running, jumping, landing and throwing.

  • All pupils receive PE homework every night of Active Week and for the whole month of June.

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  • Aquatics forms part of our PE programme.

  • For 6 weeks after Easter, all pupils went for swimming lessons at The Water School in Kealkill.

  • The pupils were put into different groups: Seahorses, Otters, Salmon, Dolphins and Advanced.

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  • Athletics forms part of our PE programme.

  • We were lucky enough to enjoy 6 sessions of athletics training with Martin from Jog 4 All in Term 1.

  • These sessions took place every Thursday and Martin taught us how to build on and improve our running skills. He also worked on our hopping and jumping skills and travelling backwards.

  • Take a look at the photos below:


  • Dance forms part of our PE programme.

  • We dressed in green for Lá Glas on 16th March and had a céilí outside. It was great fun to be together as a whole school for this event.

  • Take a look at the photos below:


  • Games forms part of our PE programme.

  • We are always playing games in school; from warm-ups to cool-downs, informal games, imaginative games, co-operative games, practising skills and much more.

  • The pupils enjoyed 6 weeks of the Cycle Right programme with Caoimhe and Katie in Term 2.

  • Tadg Sheehan visits our school every Thursday to facilitate GAA lessons (6 weeks).


  • Gymnastics forms part of our PE programme.

  • The pupils enjoy lessons on travelling, jumping, rolling, balancing, partner-work and using apparatus down in the Parish Hall.

Outdoor and adventure activities

  • Outdoor and adventure activities forms part of our PE programme.

  • The whole school went to West Cork Secret on the 29th September. The pupils engaged in orienteering activities and lots of assault courses and forest runs.

  • Ms. Hawkins made little wooden doors and houses in her garage and the pupils painted them. The end result is a Fairy Trail of 30 houses and doors up a quiet cul-de-sac beside our school. Lots of people go walking up this roadway and admire the pupils' work.

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2. Physical Activity

  • Ballymoney National School provides twice daily playground breaks for all classes. Since the restrictions were lifted back in March, both classrooms now share the same outdoor play times. It's wonderful to see the older pupils mixing with the younger pupils.

  • The pupils are allowed to run during playground breaks and they are also allowed to play with the sports equipment from the PE shed.

  • Playground leaders are active in our school yard. All pupils in the senior classroom automatically qualify to be a leader. Playground leaders facilitate games, exercises, skills or just lend a helping hand. They wear their playground leader vests, name-tags and whistles.

  • We have a 1km Active School Walkway on a quiet, tranquil, cul-de-sac outside our school grounds. We regularly use this walkway for running, nature observations and orienteering. Take a look at some photos and videos of our walkway. We also have a fairy trail ticker with a QR code and people in the community can also take part in spotting our fairy doors as they embark on their walk.

  • During the month of November (2021), every pupil in the school completed the Active Break Every Day challenge. This was a whole school initiative that was run over a 4 week period. Activities included Go Noodle, running laps, circuits and Exercise with Emer to name a few.

  • The pupils complete an extended classroom-based physical activity break on the days when they are unable to play outdoors. Luckily this year, we have been very fortunate with the weather and our break times. We also have an outdoor shelter where we can get some fresh air on wet days.

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  • All pupils have participated in the daily running challenge as a whole school initiative over a 4 week period. The whole school engaged with the Run Around Ireland part 2 initiative and the progress was recorded every day. In total, the pupils and staff ran 528km and made it to 5 different landmarks: Fota Island, Doneraile Wildlife Park, Story Telling Festival (Cape Clear), Puck Fair (Killorglin) and Thomand Park.

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  • Our school incorporates physical activity into annual calendar events throughout the year e.g. Reindeer Run, Active Halloween.

  • Our school ensures that all ASF activities are planned so that they are accessible by all pupils.

22nd Oct       Active Halloween

17th Dec        Reindeer Run 


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  • Both class teachers agreed with their classes, a set of actions to decrease sedentary time and these were placed on the notice board.

  • We play music in the yard.

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3. Partnerships

  • The senior pupils worked together to find and agree on an Active School Flag slogan.

  • An Active School Flag team of staff and pupils was established at the outset of the process. There are 9 pupils and 1 staff member on our ASF Committee. These range in age from 1st class - 6th class.

  • At Ballymoney National School, the pupils are given many and varied ASF leadership roles e.g. playground leaders, faciliitating games at break, enabling younger children to get involved, having a say in purchasing new equipment, etc.

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  • The pupils undertook a 'What Club Are You In?' survey to find out about physical activity opportunities in their local community.

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  • Our school acknowledges and celebrates physical activity effort and success both during school and outside of school hours.

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  • Our school emailed the Local Sports Partnership (LSP) to find out about opportunities for young people, of all abilities and their families to get active in their local community e.g. St. Mary's GAA, Enniskeane and Districts Community Games, etc.

  • Our school emailed the local Sports Inclusion Disability Officer (SIDO) to find out how we can become more inclusive as a school in terms of the PE and physical activity opportunities that we offer.

  • Our school distributed an ASF questionnaire for pupils and for parents, discussed the feedback and implemented actions in response.

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  • Our school commits to having Active School Week (#ASW) as part of our annual school calendar. This year, our ASW ran from 3rd-6th May 2022.

  • Our school ensures that all #ASW activities are planned so that they are accessible by all pupils.

  • The ASF committee invites suggestions from all pupils about the design of the #ASW programme.

  • The pupils are encouraged to wear tracksuits, leggings, shorts for the duration of #ASW.

  • Both classrooms use the walkway route to promote physical activity in a cross-curricular way during #ASW.