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The senior pupils are learning about the PH scale.

They made a universal indicator out of red cabbage and dyed their cloths, then they decorated them using an acid (vinegar) which turned it pink and a base which turned it blue (hand soap).

I think you’ll agree that these are pretty cool!

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  • ballymoneyns

Science experiment in the senior room today:

Here we have six test tubes containing vinegar, lemon juice, water (the control), toothpaste, bicarbonate of soda and bleach.

We added red cabbage juice.

Each colour had a different reaction to our natural homemade red cabbage indicator. Acids turned red and bases turned blue.

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  • ballymoneyns

On a nature walk today! Looking at trees growing around our school environment! We found beech, sycamore, ash and horse chestnut (the teachers found a little oak tree after school which we will show you tomorrow) lovely way to spend time with our friends

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