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Yesterday we went on a school tour. First we went to St Patricks Boys School to see their garden. It was amazing. They had a herb patch and a sensory path, I really liked it. They also had a Geo Dome. They grew lots of plants. They were also doing experiments. Next we went to the Theater to watch 'Princesses can be Pirates'. It was very funny. Then we walked to the playground, we had break time there and we played there. Then the bus cane. The bus took us to Glenilen Farm. We tasted cheesecake and yoghurt. We made our own too! We saw pigs and there was a dog too, his name was Shep We went into the milking parlour, it was stinky. We got to feel what it was like for a cow to be milked. Then we went back to get our yoghurt and we went in the bus back to school and everyone got collected by their parents.

  • ballymoneyns

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Today we went to the Hollies in Enniskeane for our school tour. We were split up into groups and did some cob building. Cob building is a form of natural building. It is mixing natural materials like soil, straw and water together by stamping and mushing it all together to make round balls. We then used these balls to build a miniature castle. Even though our hands were freezing cold, this was great fun! Luckily, Tomas had lovely warm water to wash our hands afterwards. Tomas then brought us on a tour to look at all the cob buildings in the Hollies. Tomas and his family live in a cob house.

After a short break, Selvinina, and her two dogs Buddy and Mossy brought us on another tour. This time, she brought us around to all the animals. We met the two work horses Molly and Podge, the Scottish black-headed flock of sheep and some hens. We sowed some beans in the garden and then headed back to have our lunch by the lovely warm fire in the round house.

After lunch, we joined up with the seniors and went for a huge nature walk. We found a labyrinth path and figured out how to get to the middle, and then back out again!

After that, we did lots more exploring. We used mirrors to investigate the canopy and then had a scavenger hunt to fill our 'artist's palette'! We finished off with a huge game of hide and seek. We couldn't find Rian for ages! We finally made our way back to the round house where we were collected by our parents. It was a great day!

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