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Great news for Ballymoney NS again as we have received our 9th plaque of STEM as part of the Discover Primary Science and Maths programme! Congratulations to all of our pupils who enjoy being scientists, mathematicians, engineers and working with technology! This is for you!

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We have some amazing news!

Our school has just been awarded the Muintircork Cork County School Garden of the Year 2022

Our school garden takes a lot of teamwork to maintain.

We would like to thank our wonderful parents for their contribution, as without them we couldn’t have done it. They have created a nurturing, relaxing and rewarding school garden for us to learn and play in!

Please take a look at some of our photos of the school garden. We love spending time outdoors, planting fruit and veg and nurturing them as they grow. Our tunnel is also a place where our pupils go to during break and lunch times.

Thank you to all of our fantastic pupils for always being so enthusiastic about all things gardening!

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A brilliant day today spent at The Hollies Centre for Sustainability. The pupils really enjoyed all of the different activities and games and engaging with nature. Thank you so much to Thomas and Aaron

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