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ARC Webinar 16.12.21

On the 16th December, we had a webinar from ARC which stands for Aquatic Remote Classroom. We learned all about the sea and how people are taking too much fish out from the sea. There were three main messages about fishing – the benefits of fish to our health, the benefits of buying locally sourced fish and how fish farming is a sustainable source or protein. We also learned that it takes oysters three years to grow, it takes salmon three years to grow and it takes mussels two years to grow. Also fish is a good source of iron, vitamin D, calcium and omega 3. Iron and vitamin D are good for your blood, calcium is good for your bones and omega 3 is good for your brain. We were encouraged to eat fish sourced locally. We learned about the benefits of fish farms in terms of sustainability. At the end of the webinar, we participated in a quiz with other schools on Mentimeter.

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