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Plastic Free 4 Schools

On Wednesday, 26th February 2020, Ann Foulds from the Plastic Free 4 Schools initiative came to do a workshop in our school. She spoke to us about becoming ‘plastic free’ ambassadors by using less plastic in our daily lives, starting with our lunchboxes. Ann encouraged us to spread the word to our parents, friends, neighbours and anyone else we come across. We explored the meaning of the ‘3 Rs’ …Reduce…Reuse…and…Recycle. Ann asked us to think about what type of drink bottle we should bring to school…or to the beach. She said that a re-usable drink bottle is better than a plastic disposable bottle, simply because it can be used again and again. Ann then got us to think about coffee cups…these cannot be recycled and have to go into the general waste bin. We came up with the idea of using re-usable cups instead.

We were then introduced to Penny Penguin (…and lots of other animals too…). Penny likes to eat fish but recently some strange things have turned up in her tummy, including a plastic knife and fork, a straw, a plastic bag and a few other things like that. We must remember that we SHARE the planet with animals and that we should take more care with our rubbish.

Ann then got us to sort some rubbish and we learned that we can recycle hard plastic, newspaper, cardboard, etc.

Ann left us with the idea of bringing a ‘litter less’ lunch to school, by having no packaging and therefore having no waste when we have finished eating. We are going to try really hard and improve our lunchboxes.

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