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School Tour to West Cork Secret 29.09.21

On Wednesday the 29th of September, on a sunny but cold day, the whole school went on a terrific school tour to West Cork Secret in Kilbrittain. The school travelled by two Maybury’s mini-buses, the junior room in one bus and the senior room in the second bus.

When we arrived at West Cork Secret everyone was on cloud nine. Even two friendly dogs greeted us. At first we did orienteering in groups of five, shortly after we had a quick break.

Secondly, we played many team building games, milking the cow, go karting relays, skiing in humongous skis. We also made capital letters on the grass with our bodies. Finally we had a jigsaw relay.

A short time after we quickly moved on to the murky and very muddy activities. We started with the junior assault course. Our instructor showed what to do and what not to do as he was explaining. I could feel the coldness upon me. There were many obstacles under a net, mud walks, under and over logs, tyre climbing and a mini mud slide. I was freezing even though it was the first part of muddy and extremely dirty obstacles. We then moved onto the intermediate assault course. It was very similar to the junior assault course but there were lots more slides and the water was a lot deeper.

Thirdly we moved onto the senior obstacle course. It was situated in the West Cork Secret forest. The muddy puddles got deeper and deeper. We went through lots of tunnels during the senior assault course. Last of the muddy courses was the muddy slide. It was approximately 15 metres long and at the end there was a massive muddy pool. As soon as everybody was finished going on the long mud slide, there was a huge rush to the warm lovely and delightful showers.

After our eventful day we had delicious pizza by the hot fire. In my opinion, West Cork Secret was my favourite school tour, it was tiring by elating.

By Anna

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